Are Men Taking Over The Fashion World?

Are Men Becoming Like Girls?When it comes to elegance and style, Italian men once again win hands down; well this is what the trusty old Tripadvisor poll of 2,500 travelers recorded. “The French and Spanish got second and third place respectively while the Americans, Britain’s and Germans have been voted as the worst dressed in the world; for Britain this is not the first time either!  Back in March, in a website poll, it was voted the worst dressed nation in Europe”!  British men, you need to step up your game!

Funny enough the male species are slowly taking over the world of fashion… what the?

The modern man now can be described as a ‘fashion man’, and these days a male having style isn’t considered “gay” if that’s how you want to put it?  The male fashion scene is booming, with men’s fashion expanding from men’s scarves, hats, shoes, to now incorporating men’s jewelry, which includes, men’s bracelets, necklaces, rings and even ear-rings.  The market for men’s fashion has taken off over the last 20 years and even though men don’t like to admit it, they are becoming one of us – girls.

Now every women loves to have a good read of a fashion magazine, scope out what the latest scarlet’s are wearing while walking their dogs and who’s caught wearing what at the Oscar’s, but men on the other hand are much more reluctant to admit their secret desire for another man’s style. The closest they seem to get is a sly mumble of “Your shirt’s cool dude” or “Who you trying to impress” which is all fine but I’m a strong believer that underneath that thick skin,  that all you males have, you really are wondering what it would look like on you!

With male fashion magazines, online grooming websites and many merging fashion designers catering for men’s fashion, it is without say that clothing sales are through the roof and the look for male fashion is as outrageous as ever! Very popular at the moment, especially with top designers is the versatile street look, which includes cooperate, formal, party and causal wear. Seeing the huge range of selection for men during Fashion Week 2010 all over the world, it was no surprise that the years to come are going to be very interesting for the male fashion.

So men, be brave and express your true self in the world of fashion and give us ladies a run for our money. The Battle of the fashion sexes begin!!!!

Emma – Oct 28th 2010