Autumn/Winter Trend Alert

Winter warmers… in September? I know what your thinking, I feel your pain! Believe me, I wish it wasn’t this time of year already but with our unfortunate summer (or lack of) and the weather set to fall even further down hill, it’s about time we think about our winter wardrobe!


With rain, storms a dropping temperature and snow in the foreseeable future, it’s wise to plan and buy ahead of the rush in order to get the best picks of the new arrivals of the autumn/winter fashion lines.


So what can we expect from the new end of year collections?


The main focus this year is on leather, think tailored leather dresses, leather boots and accessories. Whether you go for a head to toe rock chic grunge look or opt for leather panelling for a subtle nod to the trend, you can’t go wrong with good ol’ fashioned leather!


Another trend to look out for is military, camouflage, khaki greens, greys and browns all make an appearance with this strong, statement trend. Fitted jeans, chunky knits and the classic parka are all appropriate winter attire.


Deep, dark colours are all at the top of the list too, but warmer tones are also popular this season, berry, plum purple, raspberry and reds all provide a much needed injection of colour and can really make all the difference to the final look.


And then of course not to forget the winter classics, baggy over sized tops and jumpers, quilted jackets, wool and traditional tweeds – we all have them lurking at the bottom of the wardrobe just waiting to be re-united with the outside world. Don’t be afraid to bring old prints back, cute seasonal patterns and fairisle prints are some of the favourites for this time of year.


But, if you’re not ready to brace the cold just yet then never fear, as here are some of my top picks available online from the comfort of your warm, cosy PJ’s:


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 For tees that will look great with these trends: