Baby, It’s Cold Outside

House of Holland AW 11-12So Christmas is over for another year, New Year’s Eve was a great party night (unless if, like me, you had to work) and the question is now what happens? It’s cold, dark at 4:30 pm and due to staying in more than going out I started to think about what there is to look forward to. And more importantly, how to dress at the moment.


Going out in several layers can be an occupational hazard, since if you’re someone like me who hates feeling cold. Chic layering is an art, and for those who have mastered it also probably one that doesn’t involve simply piling on as many layers as you can.


So how can you stay warm as well as avoiding looking like you are embarking on a venture to the South Pole? Lots of thin layers can work better than just a couple of thicker ones, since the material helps to trap heat. Also look to places like Zara for chic accessories, warm scarves and furry gloves. However if you have a habit as I do of losing hats, scarves, gloves etc favourites like H and M or Primark can let you wrap up warm and not spend too much.


Shoes are important too. Little ballet flats may look chic, but wont keep your feet warm. After learning this valuable and uncomfortable lesson on a freezing day in December last year I swapped my flat favourites and went instead for classic knee high mid heel black leather boots from Next. They may cost a bit more but are worth it, not least for the fact this retailer actually offers half sizes. Work out the cost per wear and £70 for boots that get used three times a week versus flats that I paid £15 for but will live in the wardrobe until summer? that’s the kind of maths I like.


So maybe it’s time that we all had a think about how to stay warm until summer. Either that start thinking about going into hibernation.