Beauty Reaches New Levels

Harvey Nichols beauty bazaar


It’s been a long, stressful week – too much time spent staring at a computer screen and pretending to be an important and intrinsic member of the company when in reality, soul crushing spreadsheets have turned into online shopping with the computer screen quickly minimised every time the manager walks by. If only there was a place where all my wearisome troubles could be laid aside… A place where I could have someone paint my nails in pretty colours whilst I lost myself in a chilled and sweet tasting glass of champagne all at the same time…


Well stop the clock and hold the line. It has arrived. Today saw the grand opening of the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar right in the city centre of lovely little Liverpool.


Olivia Palermo opens the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar

Pitched as a ‘one stop beauty destination’, shoppers will be tantalised by three whole floors of all things beautilicious, allowing them to treat themselves to every inch of pampering they deserve.


As the paparazzi and the crowds gathered outside the glamorously sparkling new store this afternoon, anticipation and excitement grew as to what wonderful splendours were behind the shimmering glass doors, as well as a few older shoppers hovering by, confused as to what was going on as they had lost their way whilst heading towards Marks and Spencer.


What was going on, was Olivia Palermo, who, I’m afraid is just as beautiful in the flesh as when she is staring out at us from the glossy pages of magazines. With one snip of a pair of giant scissors that looked as though they had been stolen from the Borrowers, the ribbon had been cut and the Beauty Bazaar was officially open.
Housing all of our favourite brands for sale on the ground floor such as MAC, Bobbi Brown and YSL, customers in the new Harvey Nichols store can then head up to the next level for a newly inspired haircut followed by a much yearned for rest in the champagne bar, before reaching the final floor for a bit of waxing or a winter sun tan. The Beauty Bazaar will take indulgent shopping to a whole new level and become almost a day out in itself – a much more exciting one than the weekly food shop that is for sure.


This computer game style shopping and pampering experience, in which the customer is ‘put together’ as they travel upwards through the store covers a vast 22,000 square metres of floor space and has been branded as the ‘Love Thyself Campaign’, which I guess is a good motto to abide by, especially if Harvey Nichols told us to…


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