Bed Head or Neatly Groomed?

PMG6578085-2SO on Sunday, my friend and I went to an old styley 1940s airshow in Essex. The men dressed up in uniform were all neatly groomed, with combed, bryl-creemed hair and nicely trimmed facial hair. It took me to a time where ‘bed head’ just meant you had honestly just got out of bed and had been too lazy to shave or comb. All of these beautifully tidy men got me thinking about the styles today, and how people get away with looking completely haggard and unshaven by saying they’re following the style of our time. So many times I’ve had to sit next to young guys on public transport that look (and often smell) like they’ve not showered in a few days. So this little article is a little rant over men and their personal grooming. I’m not even going to start on wearing jogging bottoms as every day attire. I mean who goes out to dinner, to the theatre, on a date, in saggy joggers!?

I like my men to not look like Neanderthals, I don’t like wild forests on their faces and I don’t like matted hair that probably has a hobo or two camping out in. I don’t know any woman who would be attracted to a man who is carrying this morning’s breakfast around for later in his moustache. Now of course, these are kind of extreme examples. There are very few wild men of the woods wandering our streets nowadays, but the males I’m thinking of are the bum fluff boys and the ones that roll out of bed in the clothes from the day before and head straight out of the door. Where are the days of the beautifully coiffed tresses? The rather attractive facial hair? I do see signs of them coming back which lifts my heart so! I know there’s this whole bed-head thing going on, but the actual models who display it for hair care companies spend hours in the chair perfecting it. Real life bed head is just a tangled mass filled with smelly boy bed sweat. So sort it out guys! Go on, go mad and give it a wash! See that shiny blade on a stick? – that’s a razor! Go ahead and get rid of those patchy tufts on your chin!

I remember my sister once saying she didn’t trust a man who looked too good. But I’m the other way around – I don’t trust a man hiding under a mound of hair – you don’t know what he’s hiding under there! Kiss him and you’d get sucked in! It could be Narnia in there! Actually that could be quite fun…