Behind Every Great Dress is a Signature Scent

Valentino Assoluto


The party season is fast approaching, which means girls; we need to find the perfect stop-and-stare party dress. It’s Christmasssss!


Think tartan, oxblood, metallic, and sequins galore for this punchy AW12 season. Of course, the one style which never goes out of fashion is the one and only classic; the picture-perfect LBD. There are lots of styles to choose from this season; with cowl necks for that classy office party, bodycons which create that flawless silhouette to dance the night away, maxis to hide away the over-indulgence of Christmas treats, and peplums to enhance that sexy hour glass figure. However, the big question is; what is the perfect accompaniment to the perfect party dress? Yes, you can purchase the beautiful bag, shoes, watch, necklace…the list is definitely endless; but one thing is missing. Without the staple to an amazing outfit, it is incomplete. So, bring it all together with your signature scent.


Our sense of smell is key for collecting messages about our environment, and plays a crucial role in identification. Perfume is very important, as the scents that perfumes radiate, can remind you of many things in your life, such as Christmas, your mum; that special date. Make people remember you this season, not just for your outfit, but for something which lasts a lot longer; your signature scent.


There are many perfumes to choose from on the market, and all can suit different personalities, ages, occasions; outfits. Here are some favourites:


1)      Dior – Miss Dior Le Parfum: This sensual scent embodies floral notes, with amber swirls, and hints of vanilla and mandarin. An extremely girly but classy scent which would accompany the perfect peplum dress this season.


2)      Marc Jacobs – Oh! Lola Eau de Parfum: A flirty, vibrant scent with a sense of light-heartedness. Top notes of pear and raspberry, mixed with notes such as vanilla, sandalwood and magnolia. This fruity and fun fragrance would go perfectly with a sparkly sequin number.


3)      Valentino – Valentino Assoluto Eau de Parfum: Seductive and sophisticated, this perfume is key for the sultry LBD this Christmas. Very feminine, and very intense; feel your provocative side radiate this season.


4)      Dior – Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle Eae de Toilette: Hypnotic, dramatic; oozing femininity with a touch of captivating seduction. Tuberose and vanilla make this fruity fragrance very enchanting. Wear this bewitching number with a gothic style Oxblood number this season for true show-stopper flair.


5)      Jean Paul Gaultier – L’Eau de Parfum X Collection: Naughty but nice, this fragrance has the edge. A floral and oriental mix; wear with an edgy metallic dress.


6)      Dolce & Gabbana – The One Eau de Parfum: This scent is warm, inviting, and sweet. Perfume could not come any closer to the scent of Christmas than The One. Wear with an ultimate Christmas piece; the ultra-feminine Tartan dress.


Behind every great dress is a signature scent. So what will yours be?


By Heather Elizabeth


  1. Rachel Lincoln says:

    I understand what you have tried to say with this article but I wouldn’t say I agree with the majority of what has been written. To say that there is a signature scent for everyone to begin with is a little bold and I think that many other people would have the same concern as me?
    Regarding to Number 4) Dior, as hypnotic, dramatic; oozing femininity with a touch of captivating seduction, sounds to me as if you’ve never even smelt the perfume before. This lack of knowledge then makes me question everyhting else that has been said about all the others too. I don’t want to come across to harsh with this criticism but as a fellow writer I just think that everything written should be more accurate, especially if you want to get further with this and make a proper career out of it. I’m a undergraduate student, 18 years old and would have a real interest in this feild, I would have enjoyed article more if these loose ties had be fixed.
    If you would like to read anything I have read, search Rachel Lincoln in Goggle books and something will appear I’m sure.

    Thanks for you time and I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Rachel Lincoln says:

    Sorry about the typying errors, I was meant to say ‘read anything I have written in Google Books.’ Sorry I type whilst doing a million other things at once, busy life and all that.