Berlin Fashion Week: The New Denim

Berlin Bread and Butter 2012


Fashion Week in Berlin brings the whole city to life. The city becomes a vibrant bubble full of visitors from across the country, up and coming designers and a collection of trade shows showcasing the new trends for the coming seasons. Being fortunate enough to be in Berlin during this week, I experienced two of the biggest trade shows in Germany, Premium and Bread and Butter. Bread and Butter is a bi-annual event that invites the press, traders and buyers to their massive event, showcasing the best sport, street style and everything in between. From well known brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, French Connection and Puma, to the more obscure, new brands that are the ones to watch.


From over the 700 brands shown at the trade shows, I saw emerging trends for the coming seasons across all the brands, from embellishment, the rise of denim and a colour palette of muted greys and blacks.


Brands are now starting to think innovatively and creating new styles of jeans that make an outfit. From coloured, leathered to the perfect fit, the future of jeans does not look dull. A brand that prides themselves on the perfect fit is the brand Mavi, founded in Istanbul, the brand is the first in Turkish history to become global. The brand are so confident that they fit perfectly that they have their own ‘Denim Kitchen’ concept which is in their flagship stores, with their tagline ‘we cook the perfect fit’. The brand shows you their ‘cooking’ process, with a kitchen fitted with utensils, they go about making the perfect jeans, showing you the entire method, cutting, dying, pressing, the entire process.


Denim Kitchen



Coloured jeans, from pastel colours for Spring/Summer 2012 to deep greens, blues and darker denim shades will definitely be all over the place in the coming months. What’s most interesting is the versatility that is beginning to happen, everyone has that one pair of jeans that they always go to, well now brands are giving you two for one. While you may think about reversible jeans as being childish and not at all stylish, you may want to think again, as brands have designed amazing new jeans that are coloured and waxed one side, and on the other a light shade of denim, perfect to turn an outfit from day to night.



One brand that are way ahead in this area are Bluelab, a brand born to re-establish a new generation of denim, one that’s fun, creative and technically brilliant. They use light weight materials, new coated colours, appliques and treatments that have never been used before on jeans. This brand is new and exciting, but will definitely be getting bigger very soon. With their older collections already being seen on an endless list of celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kourtney Kardashian and Charlize Theron, the brand are forging forward creating their very own niche market.




Whether you like your jeans ripped, coloured or fitted, the trends I saw indicate that all you jean lovers will be pleased. The brands I saw innovating this market were the likes of Bleulab, Mavi, Levi’s and Izzue. All with a unique style and expertise, that I can see filtering down to the high street brands we all can afford.