Bikinis and Body Types

With so many beautiful bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits it can be difficult to decide what to go for.  There are a number of factors you should take into consideration whatever type of clothing you’re choosing to wear.


The  question to ask is, “Does it suit me, regardless of it being the latest trend?”  Trends are great for buying items that particularly appeal to you that if they were not in fashion that season you would struggle to find in the shops.  Braces for women are a great example of this.  You would probably be treated as a little weird if you asked for braces for women in the shops.  Now you can get them everywhere which is fantastic and if you still want to wear them four years from now, you can.  If that’s your style, regardless of what’s dominating the catwalks, just do it.


How you decide what suits you depends on a number of factors.


Does the style suit you?

When it comes to fashion, what suits you depends on a number of factors: how big breasted you are, the size of your hips and bum, how large or petite you are, the length of your torso, the length of your legs, and your height, to name a few.  For example, skinny trousers do not look good on everyone, nor do V-necks, nor do capped sleeves or short skirts.


Does the colour suit you?

If you are mid – dark skinned and certain shades of yellow brighten your face whilst others make you look dirty, you should be aware of that.  If you are really pale skinned then really pale nude colours may wash you out.  The best way to know which colours do and do not suit you is to just look at the colour against your skin in the mirror.  The colour will either brighten your eyes and your complexion or it will dull them.  No matter how much you love the item, if it does not suit you it will not look as great as you’d hoped when you’re wearing it.


Does the bikini shape suit you?

Bikini tops come in various shapes and styles.  Triangle bikinis may be what you like but if you’re top heavy and want support and the ability to play beach volley ball you’ll probably be better suited to a full cup or bandeau bikini top.  On the other hand if you are small breasted and want the illusion of larger curves bikini tops with frills can add some bulk to an otherwise petite area.


Do the briefs suit you?

Whether you wear high leg, low rise, thongs, bikini briefs or bikini shorts should be determined by your body shape and how revealing you wish to be.  Bikini shorts give that bit more coverage around your lady parts and if they rise high up then you have some built in support for your tummy too.  If you have short legs you can elongate them by wearing high rise briefs.


Bikini, tankini or swimsuit?

Swimsuits and tankinis are a great way to maintain a more conservative look and hide your mid-riff.  Tankinis can help you to relax without having to focus on sucking your stomach in.  Bikinis on the other hand, particularly those with detachable straps will provide you with the best tan and fewest tan lines.


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