Blazer Glory

Blazer Fashion 2012Time to introduce my latest style obsession: the blazer. This iconic and timeless piece is one that has recently become as essential to me as GHD’s and denim.


For a long time I eschewed this design trend as unappealing and unflattering; no doubt in part to memories of a bottle green school uniform with the garish badge and yellow trim.


However recently I went through something of an epiphany and seem to have been won over by its charms. No longer the preserve of school children and prefects, it seems that a blazer may be the answer for me to that question of what to wear when it’s too warm for a coat and yet venturing out without a cover up seems as advisable as triple denim. It’s also perfect for when my trusty beaten up leather jacket is too casual but going too formal is to much the other way. In short, perfect balance.


It’s all about investment though; a cheap and ill-fitting blazer screams ‘badly dressed!’ as much as a poorly fitting suit ruins your chances of passing that job interview you dream of. Look for a style that suits you: cropped will make your legs appear longer while a breast patch can give that retro look without veering into the territory of schoolboy style or with a head teacher salary-esque price tag.


So the rules are: great fit, investment and classic styles with colours that compliment your existing wardrobe. One word of warning though: avoid school day redux when it comes to this look. Retro dressing can be a fantastic way of staying individual in a sea of identikit clothes. Actually wearing your old school blazer is one style step that’s too far. If you’re risking looking like an AC/DC tribute act that’s a look definitely best avoided.