‘Bling Me Out’

This year’s jewellery is going to be anything but subtle, I think that’s why I am so excited. As I type I am grinning from ear to ear already preparing my card for the big shopping spree. Do not worry though, your brain can stop drawing up images of Pat Butcher and Mr. T, it is big and bold but not enough to stop traffic and cause a meltdown.

We can look forward to double rings, they are not going to be knuckledusters but they are just as tough but more stylish and delicate for our hands. These are two separate rings which are joined together, and once on, they spread across. Claire’s, Asos, Freedom at Topshop and Accessorize are all featuring double rings, which range from feathers, skulls, bows, golden keys and words. Kerry Washington herself has worn a double-ring in the form of flowers, and yes, it looks amazing!

Kitsch earrings are back and better than ever before, Cheryl Cole put the trend back on by wearing those apple earrings. Do not be afraid to go big and bold, remember that this years Spring/Summer colours are primary, so going too subtle will lose the whole effect. Go for the pillar box red, blue, yellow or pink. The best places for these earrings seem to be Anna Lou of London, Punky Pins, Tatty Devine and Accessorize.

Tribal is going to be big again this summer, think Rihanna’s look on X Factor, it is all about patterns and bold colours combined. To achieve this look with jewellery go for chunky bangles that are embroidered with coloured thread, or big hooped earrings. Don’t be afraid to wear bangles and earrings together, but I would personally avoid wearing also a necklace as it could scream too much.

If successful, even Pat Butcher herself could be persuaded.

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