Block it like it’s hot!

Block coloursYou have no idea how many awesome puns I  came up with in order to represent the colour blocking trend approaching us this season, I settled with the Snoop Dog reference to inject a semblance of cool, otherwise I was headed towards that 1980s retro fave Rainbow! And to be honest that used to scare me a little.


Yet I digress, the catwalks have had a serious colour injection, only uber cool fashion editors will be able to get away with maintaining their goth like ensembles. For the rest of us its get on board the colour boat or jump ship. Technically colour blocking sounds easy, you take inspiration from a well assembled tower of lego and rock on. All well and good unless you are a colour phobe like myself, black is not just the staple of my wardrobe it is indeed my wardrobe. I personally blame the genius Raf Simmons of Jil Sanders for provoking a trend that will inevtiably see me resemble a rocket lolly (although I think that might be a good thing).


Spring-Summer 2011The trend itself isn’t hard to accomplish, grab your brights and tango! Although remember to pick your hues and make them bright, there can be no half hearted efforts involving pastels you need a zing in your step and a pop to your wardrobe. I fear that this is less about clothes and more about attitude. The colour blocker is unafraid, she laughs in the face of cynicism and drab British drizzle. She sparks a little sunshine into the lives of all that see her.  So in order to know you’ve nailed it people should be staring whilst you prance down the street either because they are simply dazzled by your fashion forward awesomeness, or you’ve temporarily blinded them. Whichever way,  you’ll know you’ve hit your goal!