Boho Chic: When, Where, and Why


It’s true; fashion has its horrible flash back moments. Yet it also has a free adventurous way of reinventing an old time favorite! Boho is so in this season and takes us back to that hippie theme of love, peace, and happiness. Summer time is full of festivals and family outdoor extravaganzas, which is the epitome of when to rock that bohemian style! We’ve even see it at Coachella and on the streets worn by celebrity favorites like Nicole Richie, Kourtney Kardashian, and the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens! Let’s face it as women we want to look cute but do we always have to compromise comfort? Not me, LoveScene Magazine protests with the triple C threat – cute, comfortable, and confident! That’s exactly how every woman should feel when stepping out the door.

Floral Hippie Boho tumblr_m5zeejDEQf1r8nqzvo1_500

So whether you want to rock a long white flow fitting dress with abstract cuts or a honeysuckle lace hippie crop top, sexy denim cut offs, and a leather head band wrap, boho is versatile enough to let you create your own style!