Bonjour Paris Fashion Week

McQueen - Autumn-Winter 2011-12I will be honest, for reasons involving a snowboard and a lot of gluwhein (is that how you spell it?) I may have totally missed Milan Fashion Week, so shall we simply brush over it until I am in the right frame of mind to backtrack through a billion blogs and simply move with the times. Thanks for understanding! To Paris Fashion Week, lets be honest however much we Brits may fight it, Paris and fashion are inextricably linked. So many of the old couture houses originate and continue to work and show there, its rich and complex history is woven into the fabric of many sartorial choices. The week was one of disappointment, but also of invention, mourning and celebration.


McQueen – No words can say how sad it was for the industry and creative world to lose such an innovative designer, however, his successor Sarah Burton has proved the label wasn’t based on one man alone. The McQueen show successfully bridged that unimaginable gap of remembering its founder whilst moving forward. The detail and corsetry alone was enough to force me to replay the Vogue slideshow at least four times, pausing to soak up the detail. I think I would give my first born (if I had one) to be seated there one day.


Chanel - Autumn-Winter 2011-12Chanel – Another heavy hitter, after the glacial wonder that was last season Mr Lagerfeld shifted our perceptions to that of cataclysm. Models walked out onto a plain of volcanic ash, moving through a waste land of danger and destruction. Considering everyone else has headed towards the light this season, Chanel took us firmly back into the black. Shirts tucked into masculine trousers, the iconic tweeds in grey or black with the odd glint of colour. The only obvious femininity emerged from the dresses which were built up using feathers and lace stitched onto the material.


Louis Vuitton - Autumn-Winter 2011-12Louis Vuitton – To the house that brought back boobs, we witnessed a continued appreciation of female sexuality. The climax of the show being La Moss herself strutting the catwalk, nonchalant and seductive as ever, smoking a cigarette. The show didn’t ooze sex, it pretty much put up a big neon light and proclaimed it! Handcuffs, whips, corsets and leather all contratsted againt skirts and coats which were somewhat restrained and innocent. Each model carried a different bag and strutted forth in a different pair of shoes as Marc Jacobs continues  the push towards the individual.


And that my fashion lovers is the Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collections done, so we have approximately 7 months to nail the key pieces which will flood the high streets as soon as the first leaf falls. I know, I know summer hasn’t even been yet, but if you want to play in the fashion world, its best to keep ahead of the game.