Breast Foot Forward

Bra fittingAccording to a recent poll 90% of women are still wearing the wrong bra size. That’s a lot of women rocking double boob, side boob and God knows what else boob! So, armed with that knowledge, I booked my first ever ‘professional’ bra fitting with eagerness and anticipation. Had I been wearing a 32C when I was really a 38G?! I was about to find out.


A matronly woman blundered in.


“Hello dear.”


Great, I’ve got the Kim Woodburn of bra fitting.


“What can I do for you today, dear?”


Erm, I’d like a cream cake and a chai latte, please. What did she think I was doing here?


“I think I’m wearing the wrong bra size.”


“Okay, pop your top off for me.”


Cue the undressing of numerous, unsuitable layers and with arms flailing, there I stood in all my topless glory, waiting for Aunt Bessie to take my measurements. This almost beats the time I went to the dentist wearing a sarong.


“Yes, this is far too big. What style bra are you interested in? T-shirt? Balcony? Underwired? Plunge? Push-up? Non-wired? Padded? Multi-way?”


Head swimming I muttered something likely inaudible and with a quick glance down to ensure “the girls” were still in place, off went my voluptuous bra fitter at an alarming speed only a true professional would dare attempt.


She returned armed with what appeared to be the entire lingerie department and left me in peace to try on her finds.


“Everything okay in there dear?”


I had barely gotten a nipple into the first bra when I could see her hovering outside the changing room door, anticipating my feedback.


Together we came to a conclusion and I left satisfied and uplifted, in more ways than one. My first experience was an eye opener, partly what I expected but mostly a whole lot easier. So to ensure your first time is even better, here are my tips for a fuss-free fitting.


DO wear clothing that is easy to remove. Avoid wearing 16 layers as I did and then spending the remainder of the fitting feeling hot and bothered.


DON’T be embarrassed. You wouldn’t go to the dentist and hide your teeth would you? So don’t be shy in front of your fitter. They’ve seen more boobs than you’ve had hot dinners and aren’t deterred by anything, so you needn’t be either. Getting a bra fitted for the first time can be a daunting experience and, as much of a hassle it feels like, it will be worth it in the end.  The correct bra is like finding the perfect makeup base for your skin, it can make or break the finished effect, including the way you stand, feel and look in the rest of your clothes.


DON’T be afraid, try a variety of different styles on. You may think a minimiser bra is the only style for you, but miss out on something better because of already preconceived notions.


DO try something new. You won’t know anything unless you try, so take the luxury of choice and decide what’s best for you to make sure you leave with something you feel happy with.


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  1. Paul_C says:

    I’ll remember this next time I go clothes shopping! ;P