Can technology and fashion unite?

When visiting a new Country, I always like to experience everything new, whether that be trying new foods or visiting new places. I am currently in Rome for a few months and this has allowed me to really explore the City and find some hidden gems. So in a way, what I’m going to write next is probably pretty ironic, considering I found this brand online.

But while researching new places to explore and searching review site after review site, I found an Italian brand which I thought was very interesting. Magliette Fresche is an Italian fashion brand with a difference. At Magliette, you don’t simply wear the clothes, but read them, interact and share your clothing with other people. As a lover of new technology and ideas I found this brand quite different from any I have seen before. I read a Buzz feed article recently about what people in the 30′s thought the future of fashion would look like (see it here) and it got me wondering about what the future holds for fashion now. In a world full of culture, news and stories waiting to be explored, Magliette Fresche have blurred the lines between reaching this content and what you wear.

What I was most intrigued by was some of their most popular products, the ‘Pick a book’ series. This collection has cleverly placed QR codes on the T shirts giving you access to a wearable library, ready to be read as soon as you scan with a smartphone or tablet. With these T shirts you can rediscover old classics you haven’t read in a while or discover a new Ebook to be loved and treasured in your online library. Magliette Fresche have revamped the Ebook market for the digitally ready, fashion loving customer and their T shirts are a fun way to interact and share new stories.

At the moment, most of their products are in Italian, but I think their ‘Pick a book’ collection is a really clever idea that I’ve never seen implemented before. I love the idea, but I’m still unsure of the longevity in items like this, for example the popularity of QR codes has been dying for some time.

I’d love to know your opinions, would you ever buy a fashion product that doubles as something else, that gives you access to a book or more information?