Chanel’s Not So Tasteful Tweet

Chanel SS12Profoundly known for their influential fashion, fragrances, cosmetics and skincare ranging across men and women,  Chanel sparked controversy across the social networking giant, Twitter, as they took to the website to post a not so tasteful tweet.


Recently tweeting ‘eating isn’t very Chanel..’, many followers were bewildered by the statement, as it appears to automatically aim towards the ever growing problem of the eating disorder, anorexia. But, this may come as no surprise to loyal fashion followers, as supermodel Kate Moss, former model for Chanel, once quoted ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels ‘ sparking a national size zero debate.


Kate’s comments caused outrage amongst the general public and critics condemned them as being ‘irresponsible’ and that ‘as a role model to millions of young girls and women, they could lead to more cases of eating disorders’. The slogan started to circulate around many websites which encourage eating disorders and an alarming site named Starving For Control began to use the quote as their tagline. Other celebrities such as television presenter, Denise Van Outen and former Ultimo model, Katie Green, voiced their opinions on Kate’s comments, quoting: “Kate Moss is talking out of her Size Zero backside. Having been in the industry for so long, she knows the impact her comments will have on vulnerable young women,” and “Millions of girls aspire to be like Kate Moss. These comments are shocking and irresponsible.”


But, many fashion designers within the industry deny that anorexia is a problem. Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld, spoke out stating that ‘Chanel models are not anorexic, they are just skinny.’ He then later quoted that the models Chanel use to advertise and display their brand have ‘skinny bones’.


Chanel later deleted their tweet but gave no comment as to why it had been removed.


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