‘Chunging It’: Become Alexa Chung’s Sartorial Mini-me

thegoldendiamonds.comAlexa Chung. You love her, I love her. And after much intensive, laborious research – i.e.: a hour flicking through her style gallery on – I’ve ascertained the essential elements of dressing like our favourite British Style Icon (won 3 times, my gosh) to pass on the results to you. Here’s my (rather tongue-in-cheek) guide to dress like Alexa Chung, AKA to how to ‘Chung it’.

  •   The white shirt is classic for a reason. Obey this law.
  • When you get sick of this law you may change the shirt to patterned ones such as paisley or starred, or – and here the chorus angels sing – one with a peter pan collar.
  • Dare to bare? Shame on you. You are a modest, young lady with hints of the rock-a-billy around you and you have style icon standards to set. Cleavage is a no-no and if you want to wear that leather mini-skirt you better wrap up up-top with a chunky (high neckline) knit.
  • Think dainty, think feminine – until you have that evening gig to go to, and then you can throw that dirndl skirt back in the closet and tuck in that vintage logo tee into your skinnies.
  • Ankle boots are de rigeur. One may vary these with textures or colours such as pony-hair, blue velvet, or oxblood croc. If you absolutely must veer away from such, then penny loafers or tiny block heels are also acceptable.
  • A lob. Or a bob. Just get a hair cut, you.




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