Comfy Winter Style Essentials

Ladies and gents, I think it’s time to get warm…

Well, as we can all tell, we are smack bang in the middle of winter. The leaves have fallen from the trees; the air is colder and the days are shorter (and snowier). And every year, as we switch into seasons, so does fashion from catwalks, magazines and shops too. We are suddenly flooded with options of what to wear, and which fashion trends to follow. The shops are a prime example, as they are flowing with all kinds of snugly jerseys and big coats. Yep, winter’s here. And with winter…. comes winter fashion!

Layering: This season, cardigans will be your best friend. With this I say the more the merrier…or the more the warmer. Layering is not just for cardigans.  If you want, you can add on some hoodies and jumpers over that cute t shirt or vintage dress. However if you’ve got so much on, that you can’t move your arms, then I suggest you take a few off… you know, for practicality.Winter fashion is definitely packed with textures, different shades of colours (especially grey and crème!), trims, and multiple layers of clothing. All these entities are sure to have you looking and feeling great during this season, but just to make sure you’re all wrapped and warm, here are my essentials for winter style…..

Accessories: Ear muff, Ugg boots, gloves, scarves, frilly socks and riding boots…. I could go on forever but you need them all. These beauties are winter style necessities and in adorable patterns and colours, these guys are to die for.

All of these are sure to keep you warm, smug and stylish during those cold wintery nights. So as winter doesn’t last forever (unfortunately), make the most of it, with gorgeous winter style.Comfort: Dress for the weather. Dress for how you feel and what you’re going for. However if you’re comfortable wearing shorts (I know I am) or not wearing tights, then more power to you. Nonetheless, just make sure you dress for you…