A Cougar in Lamb’s Clothing



So a few days ago I was just casually flicking through the newspaper when I came across an article which I found just downright bizarre. The headline was something along the lines of ‘Mothers begging to look like their little girls’. Eh? What? I’ll just read that again to make sure I’ve not gone stark raving bonkers.

Reported in major worldwide publications, I was surprised to see it wasn’t portrayed as something slightly weird, but instead it has been hailed as the Next Big Thing for yummy mummies. Matching mother and daughter wear? Sounds absolutely awful in my opinion. What would the father think when he saw his daughter and his wife parading the streets in co-ordinating outfits? How could a 30-something-year-old adult woman pull off the cute frilly dresses and bright hues of childhood? Would she go so far as putting her hair up in ribboned pigtails? Socks with clunky mary-janes? It sounds like some kind of weirdo’s perverted fantasy.

I was very intrigued by this impending phenomenon, so decided to take a look deeper. I found that the idea was cooked up by New York-based children’s clothing designer Pink Chicken. They found that many mothers who’d bought for their daughters from the designer wanted the dresses for themselves. But of course, the stylish garments were way too tiny for mum’s womanly figure. So Pink Chicken decided to meet the demand and began producing adult sizes of the most popular children’s clothes. Surprisingly, the designs I found on the site weren’t that bad at all. No frilly ankle socks, Hello Kitty skirts or bright pink glittery sweaters. In fact the outfits were deliciously bohemian, summery and stylish, but also practical. Perfect cool mummy-wear. Smock tops and dresses are the staple of the women’s section of this particular designer. Mums can choose from bold, bright colours, fun floral prints and beautifully embroidered collars, the kind they wouldn’t find in most adult clothing stores.

Though, I find, no matter how beautiful an outfit looks on a woman or a little girl, it’s still extremely odd when a mother wants to dress in the same outfit as her pre-teen daughter. I mean, you wouldn’t put your six-year-old in a sexy cocktail dress with skyscraper heels now would you?

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  1. Ben Cannon says:

    Creepiness musy be ‘in’ this season! How long before we get a ‘Honey boo boo’ mother and daughter range? Never would be too soon! xD