Create Your Own Style

haberdashery itemsAre you sick of seeing the same old fashion everywhere?


It is frustrating that whilst there are so many retailers you end up seeing pretty much the same stock, over and over and over again.  It is as though the buyer for each chain is being sold on a particular piece rather than carefully buying something that will set them apart from their competitors.


Well, if you can’t find something that little bit different then here is the solution: pick a garment, take it home and make it unique on your own.


The ways in which you can do this are countless.  You can use buttons, ribbons, cotton thread, wool, jewels or beads, to name a few items you can attach to your garment to modify it.  If you want to take a little more risk you can grab the scissors, snip off some unwanted frilly capped sleeves, or simply add some edge with a cut her or there.  The idea is certainly not to make it tacky, but rather, adding your signature.  If you are a dab hand at sewing you can even add some length to a mini and make it a midi or add lace sleeves in the same colour of a sleeveless top or dress.


You see, you don’t have to look like everyone else.  Why would you want to?  Picking an item because it is accessible due to its fashionable popularity at that time is one thing.  Having the confidence to wear it when it is apparently “not in fashion” is what a real fashionista will do.  Add your own buttons, beads, embroidery, paint, cuts or sleeves and you are truly stating your own individuality.


To begin with it can be a good idea to start with a basic top that costs relatively little.  That way if you accidentally ruin it during your early apprenticeship of “manufacturing” your own “label” then you won’t be too distraught.


It will be interesting to see what your friends think of your latest purchase.  Unbeknown to them that you garment is really your latest-purchase-plus-some, they may ask you, “Hey, where did you get that slick top from?”  Or, “Where did you get that, erm, weird top from?”  Either own it and be proud or if you have created a monstrosity, send LoveScene pictures of your ‘Exhibit G’ (for ghastly) and we’ll feature it on the site.