Dame Vivienne Westwood Hits Out At Clones

Vivienne WestwoodDame Vivienne Westwood, how could you hit out at us, your faithful, fashionable subjects? The only thing in my entire life I have ever saved up for was a pair of your buckled pirate boots, and yet you brand me with such harsh names.


‘People have never looked so ugly as they do today regarding their dress.’


I think ‘ugly’ is a bit harsh, yet the argument of the fashion-conscious general public looking like a one-style army, has definitely got legs. I have spent some time this morning reading articles about the so-called throw-away culture we have spiralled into , and even subjected myself to the Loose Women and their opinions on the matter and I’ve got to say that although I was shocked my the initial headline, I think Dame Westwood has half a point.


Dame Westwood is quoted as saying: ‘I don’t notice anybody unless they look great, and every now and again they do, and they are usually 70.’


Now I spend a large portion of my time on trains as I commute 150 miles twice a week and it’s got to be said, the platforms of Britain are bursting with exciting exhibitions of colour, pattern and styling. In particular Preston station always has an array of students boasting bold outfits which are a strong mix of current trends and old school classics. The older passengers I observe seem equally comfortable in their all weather parkers and walking shoes (my train stops in the Lake District, lot of hill walkers) I’m yet to come across a 70 year old worth a sneaky camera phone pic, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I’m guessing Dame Vivienne doesn’t spend much time on the West Coast Mainline??


There is no denying that with the emergence of more affordable clothing it’s never been easier to buy and discard an entire outfit only to go out and buy something new the following day. You can’t help but notice people on the high street sporting the same look, even the same ensemble in some younger cases, but surely that’s what fashion is all about, enjoying being part of something ever changing until you find what works for you? I believe in safety in numbers, and can identify with youngsters who follow a trend and take a serious interest in fashion in order to remain part of a crowd, I did it myself until I was old enough and more importantly confident enough to stand out.


I think the comment was unsympathetic to the society we live in, if EVERYTHING wasn’t so strained these days no doubt we’d all be swanning around in Westwood creations……oh dear do I sound like a 70 year old?


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  1. Samantha says:

    Right?! I too lusted after those damn buckled pirate boots and still could never afford them. I was about 11 when Kate Moss appeared everywhere in them, and not many 11 year olds, or rather their mums can afford luxury fashion like this. I still can barely afford the Topshop copies of her designs – definitely no national rail for Vivienne!
    I do feel quite strongly about the clone look you see EVERY Saturday night on any given highstreet and I’m sick of every girl looking like a Saturdays wannabe. Or the boys looking like The Wanted. It is dire but the solution isn’t to dress like Vivienne either.
    It’s pretty rude to brand the public ‘ugly’ when I’m sure many of the kids today with no clue who she is, think she dresses like a mental patient in a fabric factory. I mean, I think fashion is subjective and compare Karl Lagerfeld’s personal style to Viv’s. You couldn’t get more different but who’s to say they’re both not great? Or ugly for that matter.

    Interesting point about confidence in fashion – maybe I am too saying this with the confidence of being slightly older – it’s tough being in today’s image obsessed society and I think we can all sympathize about wanting to fit in and belong.
    Hurrah to Viv for being so self confident but lay off the rest of the kids who are probably dreaming of all the individual looks they wish they had the confidence to wear.