Debate: Palazzo Pants

Palazzo PantsFOR

Initially made popular by Katharine Hepburn in 1930s Hollywood, the bold palazzo pant (originally made as comfortable dress wear) has made a confident revival this season. The 70s post hippies all connected with the fierce yet elegant charm of the palazzo pant as the unofficial uniform of choice. The palazzo pant, to me, says, “I am fun, I am daring, and I am unique.”


It terms of trends, it’s an intrepid fashionista that dares to brave this one. With a swift button up at the waist, its wearer is trend proof and working the statement look. Fashion royalty Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively love the palazzo pant – both are great representatives of the style, and, gravitate towards it for a chic day time look.  Pair with a simple V neck blouse and belt at the waist to elongate the torso.


I’m a big believer in the less is more concept, and the palazzo pant is ideal for leaving even the faintest of admirers longing for a glimpse of skin – they flow and gracefully glide the lower body. So discard those vague images of bell bottoms from your mind, and the ones your parents may secretly still have lurking in their wardrobe. The palazzo pant has fully matured.



When was the last time you saw someone saunter down the street in ten inch wide flares and thought, “Oh, I must find myself some of those”? Rarely does a palazzo pant accomplish a double take. Unless, of course it is occupied by that of a stilt performer and looks so bizarre, it demands a second glance.  One of the only glamorous images a palazzo pant conjures is that of Carole Lombard, but in 1920s seductive black and white next to Clark Gable, desirable is to be expected. The issue here is, yes, Acnes silk velvet ensemble and Marc Jacobs herringbone flares may be terrifically on trend (for those who find it carnage to miss out), but you can’t find a pair on the high street that are versatile and don’t scream circus performer. And that is being kind.


Moreover, what can the palazzo pant do that the humble boot cut leg can’t? You can’t update the palazzo pant from day to night with just a swift exchange of the casual slouch tee to the alluring, more evening wear appropriate blouse. Nor can you find something as universally elongating and flattering on women under 5”8. And how do you accessorise? With a necklace perhaps, but then you look too ‘busy’. You could never wear statement jewellery with such a self-assured garment. Palazzo pants do not welcome heavy embellishment.


Finally, there is nothing sexy about the palazzo pant. No one has ever met the eye of the woman wearing the tent legged trouser, the way they might in a just-revealing-enough LBD or even the immortal skinny jean, who’s revival did successfully transcend to the majority, because the palazzo covers one of the most appealing parts of the figure; the legs. There is no reason to hide such a striking part of the body however turbulent the relationship with it may be, unless in the case of a) extreme heat swelling or b) major wardrobe malfunction (or both).