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Giorgio Armani -

Giorgio Armani

Long gone are the days in which eyeglasses were stereotypically associated with “nerdiness”; today is an era in which fashionistas are selecting frames that accentuate their facial features and express personality and individuality, regardless of whether they need corrective lenses or simply want to diversify their look. Top designers are well aware of this and are going above and beyond to offer durable, swanky styles that merge their trademark style qualities with the latest fads.

Prada – Ask anyone to name luxury brands and, no matter whether it is a style guru or disinterested civilian, and Prada will rank high on their list.  Established in 1913, this company specialized in leather goods and handbags, and helped to cement Milan as a noteworthy style capital. For decades, Prada reigned supreme in the fashion realm and, in 1999, they ventured into the territory of eyeglasses. Instantly a hit, this brand’s frames have consistently provided chic, clean looks that provide professional polish with subtle hints of tasteful allure.

Miu Miu -

Miu Miu

Named after the current president, Miuccia Prada, the line Miu Miu was founded in 1993 and brings forth bold lines and innovative designs that defy overplayed fashion practices. Eyewear has never looked so avant-garde as it has with Miu Miu, as shapes innovatively take on hexagonal or exaggerated cat-eye elements, all the while maintaining Prada’s characteristic classiness. Many online retailers presents this high-end brand at affordable prices, and provides both Prada and Miu Miu reading lenses for your buying pleasure.

Kate SpadeIf Prada is the accessory designer that evokes a timelessly classic look, than Kate Spade is the contemporary woman’s champion. This self-made designer and entrepreneur first established a name for her brand in 1993 with her handbags, and has since established herself as a trend pioneer whose products are lusted after around the globe. As a brand, Kate Spade is famed for its usage of energetic patterns and dynamic use of colour; combining refinement with youthful spirit, the designer’s glasses incorporate fun pigments and outlines to embrace the cheerful energy that women are increasingly requesting from their frames.

Kate Spade -

Kate Spade

Ray-BanIf there is one company that is responsible for making geek-chic popular, it would be Ray-Ban. Created in the 1920’s as an American sunglasses company, almost all Hollywood icons seem to have worn a pair at some point, from James Dean to Audrey Hepburn. Sold for a whopping €492 million to the Milan-based company Luxottica in 1999, Ray Ban continues to provide traditional outlines like aviators, wayfarers and more. While many of their everyday glasses feature sturdy plastics and singular, robust hues for the hipster look more and more celebrities are rocking, their sunglasses are fully welcoming the movement towards colourfully tinted lenses.

YSLEven after his death in 2008, French designer Yves Saint Laurent was viewed as a groundbreaking visionary in the fashion community. Having redefined gender and femininity throughout the 20th Century, he was credited as the first of his kind to use non-European descent models on the runway, as well as the first living designer to be awarded his own exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He bent the rules by putting tuxedos on women and conventionally gritty articles into couture salons, breaking away from his mentor Dior’s voice to establish his own distinct identity that would be echoed by prolific admirers for decades. While the range in YSL glasses are bountiful and diverse, this French brand favors tried-and-true neutral tones for a look that is effortlessly smart and sophisticated, if not slightly antagonist for some of the specific pairs.