Does Size Matter?

Vintage shopNo, not in THAT way. I’m talking about how, when you go shopping, it can sometimes feel as though finding the right size jacket, trousers or dress can seem more like a mission impossible. All we’re asking is to be able to find clothes that fit, look good and come within budget, yet I seem to often come home with more excess emotional baggage than shopping bags.


Midway through one notably unsuccessful spending (!) trip I found myself in the denim section of a major high street retailer. Hmm, maybe a new pair of jeans? Not, it seems, unless you have a 36 inch inside leg and a waist measurement that’s about half that size. As someone whose own waist nearly equals my leg length I was quite literally out of my depth. A somewhat humble 28 inch inside leg didn’t seem to quite fit, so I headed elsewhere and proceeded to get almost stuck in a pair of size 14 skinny jeans. That’s right: a fourteen. Skinny appeared to equal “cut off circulation” which definitely seemed like a bad look for anyone.


Then there’s the issue of your top half. Having a best friend who’s a 34B a spends half her life wishing she had more (and buying Wonderbras) means that she and I are pretty much opposites. That said. I doubt this girl ever found herself wedged in a Primark non-stretch dress which also lacked any form of zip or other fastening, wondering how to escape without resorting to Houdini style tricks. And vintage? Some people look great and seem to find great hidden gems in the back room of places like Beyond Retro and various charity shops, whereas I end up surrounded by options my Nan would reject as old fashioned or obscure vintage oversized rock t shirts instead of delicate (i.e. small) lace dresses and such.


Retailers, all us normal sized girls want is to be able to find clothes that suit our style and personality, and most important of all that actually FIT us. There may only be a few women who look like supermodels but there’s a lot more of us who are as Carrie Bradshaw once said “the real people”.


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  1. Nancy says:

    Agree totally. If I’m not trying on clothes two sizes bigger than my actual (supposed) size I’m chopping six inches off jeans. You would think with so many high street shops we would have some luck somewhere! Great article.