Don’t Blend In this Winter

Coat - £100.00, ASOS

Living in England we rarely experience any summer. This year was no different, we only got a handful of actual sunny days. Personally I don’t think one or two days of sunshine are enough to pull out every one of my bright coloured clothes that I had stacked up from the previous year’s summer sales. Since the idea of hoping for a warmer summer each year is hopeless I thought, what if I could make my winters brighter instead. Yes I said a bright winter and no I don’t mean wearing summer clothes in this weather. We wouldn’t want you to catch a cold, we only want you to be eye catching.


There are quite a lot of colourful winter items in stores right now. From colourful accessories to capes, cardigans and coats, all of these items will help you to not blend in this winter.


Using your usual winter wardrobe you just need to add a bit of colour to the black, grey and brown winter clothes. I know wearing brighter items has its disadvantages ’cause it’s more difficult to repeat the same red coat than it is to wear the same black one. With Christmas just weeks away, swap that grey cardi for a white, green or red one, add a bright scarf to that boring brown. Be more daring, have that one bright jacket that will have heads turning. You could even tone it down with nice pastel colours. We wouldn’t want you walking around looking like a Christmas tree, then again there is always colour blocking if you want to be extra colourful. High street shops like Mark & Spencer, ZARA and Mango have some amazing colourful jackets and designers like Burberry have beautiful coloured coats too. Who needs summer when you can have fun with bright colours in winter? So don’t blend in this season.

Fedora - £25.00, TopshopGloves - £64.90, MangoTippet - £15.00, River IslandBelt - £22.00, Topshop







By Calie Calister