Dressing For The Party Season!

Party DressesIt’s that time of year where you have so many things to do; be it family occasions or going for cocktails with old friends to catch up. You want to dress to impress but your bank balance is hurtling towards minus numbers because of Christmas.

I have been recycling last year’s dresses as gold was particularly in season and they have a very festive feel to them. Teamed with up to date accessories (skinny belts, statement necklaces, or layers of friendship bracelets) one can achieve a very chic look. If you would like to take a more glamorous route, gold red or white dresses are lovely teamed with fur coats and gold broaches.

About two years ago there was a trend for clothes being adorned in sequins. If you have anything left over from this phase like I do, I think it’s a brilliant idea to pull it out for New Year’s Eve! I have a boyfriend blazer that is completely covered in silver sequins that I’m planning on wearing over the top of a party dress!

Fashion bible Vogue have proclaimed long hem lines, which is very good news given the current freezing cold climate! Maxi or three quarter length skirts teamed with ankle boots are both on trend and practical; a look I definitely have been exhausting this season!

If you are looking to be extremely current and you have a little more to spend, fur waist coats/gilets are the way to go. Paired with a skinny belt over your maxi skirt or short party dress, you look bold and on trend. Whether you go fake or real is up to you, but be prepared for an onslaught of fur related debates. I advise wearing whichever you chose with conviction.

This year traditional festivities have made a comeback; so don’t stress yourself out paying through the nose for accessories that cost a bomb. Scour second hand shops and markets for eccentric broaches, old watches and costume jewellery; the recession has meant a huge boom in the popularity of all things vintage. If the idea of browsing Help The Aged makes your stomach turn, then don’t forget that Twiggy’s amazing sense of style and ability to transform charity shop dross into beautiful garments contributed to her being snapped up by the fashion industry! And if recycled fashion is good enough for her, then it’s certainly good enough for me! If you honestly can’t get past it though, http://www.etsy.crg is quite a good place to find beautiful hand made jewellery that you will be the first to wear.