Dressing Like Boys……

woman dressed as manSince the dawn of humanity, the sexes have adapted to dressing a certain way as society has deemed them to, however as the centuries went on and as fashion continued to develop and challenge the norm, these social expectations shifted along with it. Now in this day and age, it’s all about dressing like your boyfriend.


A favourite with Hollywood starlets and fashionistas all over the world from L.A and Paris to London and New York, ‘girls being boys’ can be worn in various ways. Whatever your style, whatever your mood, this look can suit anyone. Now’s the time to raid your boyfriend’s wardrobe and shop in the men’s department, as the fashion world welcomes its newest fashion trend.


Whether worn altogether for the ultimate but ensured comfortable look, worn smart and tailored or with small pieces here and there for a night on the town, dressing like boys is becoming increasingly popular.


From Topshop and River Island to Zara and All Saints, the shops have this look in stock all year round and can easily help you get that fashion fix. Here are some tips to help you get all the things you need, so you too can dress like a boy but remember to throw them in a nonchalant manner and get set to create an androgynous look.



  • loafers for womenBoyfriend jeans: an absolute essential, they are a definitely a nice change from skinny jeans as I’m sure some people want to have a day off from their tight but stylish hold. River Island are specialists in this sector and are known for their unique selection and design of boyfriend jeans. Throw these with slouchy black boots and a cool jumper or sweater for a comfortable wear.
  • Simple tee: either plain, with logos, or a classic rock t shirt (preferably something with a band from the 80s or 90s), these pieces are great, especially with cute skinny jeans. Make sure you try H.MV or high street stores such as New Look or Primark to get you casual comfy but simple tee.
  • Boyfriend cardigan: you can never have too many of these items. Perfect for all seasons, you can throw them over a summer dress or woman up in winter with skinny jeans and military boots. Sold all year round, Urban Outfitters do a glorious and vintage inspired range in lots of colours.
  • Loafers, boat shoes, canvas espadrilles: This look is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a trip to the shops. Try office or Schuh
  • Jumpers: excellent for a lounging in the afternoon and a necessity for winter, you can throw them on a long maxi skirt, helping you make use of your summer purchases. Simply borrow your boyfriend’s or father’s or head to your local charity shop for the best finds.


Dressed up and tailored

  • dress and blazer combinationTailored jacket/blazer: My personal favourite look is a combination of my favourite pieces in male and female fashion and a classic night out look, as I know a girl always looks great wearing a dress, blazer, heels and clutch.
  • Suit trousers: started in the men’s department, fashion designers all over have interpreted this stylish and tailored item into female fashion. With high waited trousers, harman pants, tapered trousers, chino trousers and carrot trousers, Topshop presents you with some of the best of them.
  • Brogues: a gentleman’s shoe, these emphasise class, elegance and style from both sexes but remain classics throughout the years. When I think brogues I think Chuck Bass.
  • Oversized shirt: jersey or cotton, this goes perfectly with the girls being boys look and can go either way you wish. Causally over jeans, or dressed up with heels and layered with necklaces the size is perfect for any girl. Buy them from the men’s section, borrow them or buy them from a high street brand, you can truly do a lot with an oversized shirt.

fedora hats for women

Small pieces (here and there)

  • Hats: Megan fox pairs these with skinny jeans and a plain tee, knowing exactly how to wear the look. Hats are always a perfect accessory.
  • Bags: these retro bags are unique and like none other. More importantly their size usually knows no boundaries.
  • Scarves: not just an important item used to brave the winter; scarves are another key accessory when dressing like a boy. It can be a key part of your outfit or just another layer on top of a playsuit or a dress; scarves are sometimes all you need.


A little masculine piece here and feminine piece there, any girl can combine these and create the stylish look; all you need to do is put a simple masculine spin on your everyday fashion styling. Now you too can enjoy dressing like a boy.