Easter Bonnets

Easter bonnet - modern dayEaster is only a few days away, so I’ve decided to look at fashion from an entirely different perspective.


It is traditional to wear a bonnet at Easter, as it represents a tradition of wearing new clothes at this time of year. In recent years, however, it has become something of a tradition to create such hats for young children, complete with such items as flowers and small chicks (not real ones, usually). It’s not as easy as it sounds, though, which is why a number of stores now sell kits that will assist you.


So, whether it’s a son, daughter, niece, nephew or simply a child that you know from a friend, here’s a selection of some products currently available in stores that can help you create an “egg-cellent” Easter bonnet.


Make Your Own Easter Bonnets (Early Learning Centre) – This places the emphasis on design and creativity, as the set includes two hats, ribbons, crayons, stickers and nine white Easter decals.


Easter Bonnet and Treat Set (John Lewis) – Containing items made from felt and foam, this set allows you to safely create both a bonnet and a treat bag.


Easter Bonnet Decorating Kit (The Works) – This set allows you to manually create a bonnet, using items such as luxury tissue, ribbons and stickers.


Easter bonnetEaster Bonnet Assorted (Amazon) – Dispatched from and sold by Quickdraw Stationary UK, this is a ready-made bonnet available from the Amazon website.


Make Your Own Easter Bonnets (Baker Ross) – This kit allows you to create your bonnets with strong card, and has a range of stickers to use for decorating them.


The chances are that you will be seeing plenty of Easter bonnets this weekend, and if you choose the right product, and bring your creativity to fruition, the bonnet you help to create will stand out as the most “egg-ceptional” of them all.


Mark Armstrong

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