Ethical Fashion – A Good One

Ethical fashionI am aware that tagging the word ‘ethical’ can put some people off, and the hope is really that eventually it will simply just fall into the term  fashion. A bit like the phrase plus size model, can’t they just be referred to as models? But with anything that challenges the status quo, for the moment its standpoint must be highlighted.


So last time we spoke I had just embarked on my challenge. This has seen many a day and night (well at least 5)  searching the internet and bugging folks on Twitter in order to find out ethical/ecological and independent retailers whoses clothes are, in my humble opinion, stylish and edgy. People have been so supportive and one of the first places pointed out to me were the people at Good One in London. An award winning fashion label that produces upcycled pieces.


Upcycling is the idea of using materials and clothing to create new garments which are of a higher value / worth.  The first thing I loved about Good One was their website, it’s clean and fresh, speaking volumes about the artistic direction of the designers.  They aim to use  “reclaimed fabrics in every possible part of the design process we create desirable, assertive and feminine pieces that work day to evening. We aim not to stand apart from the mainstream fashion industry, rather to achieve positive change from within.”


Obviously the underpinning importance is the upcycling but what makes you support the brand, as it does with any other fashion label, is that the clothes are interesting and well crafted.  Items that wouldn’t look out of place in any fashion spread, from a high end glossy.


You’ve got leggings, bodycons, jumpsuits and a lot of your key basics,. The prices are a little more than you would expect to find on the high street but I feel the reality of this challenge is, if I (we) want to buy from places where everyone is paid fairly, working conditions are legal and creativity is respected then I have to change my attitude to the amount I’m willing to spend, and the regularity with which I spend. And to be honest I think that’s no bad thing.

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