Fashion Faux Pas Forgiven

This year has been full of many not so good trends, even ones from the early 90s that resist deletion have made an appearance, but seeing as the year is so close to ending, I guess it is about time we address these and forgive ourselves…ready for 2011, and probably even worse fashion blunders.

1) Wearing leggings as trousers…Ladies we do not want to see the complete outline of your bum! Not other women, not men, not the elderly, no one! Leggings are never going to be jeans! So please, keep leggings as another option to tights.

2) Black and Brown together…These colours are individually dark enough and work best seperately. When put together you may resemble a liquorice allsort. Black looks better with lighter colours and brown is best with neutrals and light denim.

3) Short dresses plus cleavage…The golden rule that keeps on getting forgotten, legs or cleavage never both at the same time. It is more classy when one is on show leaving a little to the imagination for the opposite sex. It will never excite too much if he knows what’s under the wrapping paper.

4) Tight jeans on men…Now with the minor exception of Ed Westwick and Mark Ronson, tight jeans on men can sometimes look a bit too much. Call me old skool but loose fitting jeans just seem a lot more manly.

5) Bra straps on show…Not only can it spoil the dress you are wearing or top, but it just can have the bad consequence of making an outfit appear cheaper than it actually is. Underwear is called its name for a reason (it is meant to be hidden under your outer garments!)

6) Gold shiny leggings…Hmmm…Flash Gordon comes to mind and chicken legs being cooked in foil!

7) Jeans that are too low or tight…Investing in a decent pair of jeans that fit needs to be essential! Builder bums is not a good trend

8 ) One-piece denim outfits…This is an ongoing occurence that always shows its ugly head! I love denim but lets split it up for Spring/Summer 2011 with crisp white shirts, a tan and floaty tops a la 70s look

9) Socks and Sandals…Think your dad on holiday! This Summer I witnessed young men in this choice of footwear! Please young men everywhere don’t turn into our dads just yet! :-(

10) VPLs (Visible Panty Lines)…Okay so you have now realised to keep your underwear underneath your clothes, but we can still make out your knicker choice, be aware of this ladies!

11) Shoulder Pads…I have just never understood this trend…when I seen another in shoulder pads I just think of Herman from The Munsters (screaming!) Let’s all burn shoulder pads!

Okay, I think I have covered the obvious faux pas…lets all join hands, and repeat after me, “We are forgiven”…now lets try and move on from this.