Fashion Foes

Another one of Rihanna's fashion foesI may well be stepping on a few fashionista toes here, but is it just me that thinks some of the latest (and by all means old) fashion trends are, quite frankly, fashion foes? For the most part I’m usually in favour of new trends and I love seeing what sort of clothes, shoes and accessories are up and coming each season, I especially love to see all the new catwalk trends with the latest quirky designs, but then there is that side of me that thinks: “Urgh, who would wear this!?”


And with every fabulous fashion breakthrough, you can gurantee there will be a not-so-fabulous-more-like-frightful trend, design, print or item of clothing that accidently escaped from fashion HQ.


There are so many fashion disasters at the moment it’s hard to keep track of, some are ever so slightly borderline, others are just complete and utter monstrosities! Certain trends may well be in fashion but that’s not to say they suit everyone, after all everyone is different with a different body shape and size and we certainly shouldn’t wear things that don’t suite us just for the sake of it being in fashion at that given time, or just because it’s what everyone else is doing. With so many awful trends popping up each season I could possibly create a book full of disaster fashion, but to save you from the ramblings, I have put together a hand full for you to secretly snigger over.


So, without further ado, here’s my current top five fashion foes:


Ankle Socks With Heels

1. Ankle Socks with Heels


I know this trend is super popular right now and many people will probably disagree with me here, but this has to be one of the worst idea since crocs (and don’t get me started on those!). Sure these sorts of ‘school socks’ can look kind of cute… when you’re four! This trend looks silly and tacky, I’m actually suprised at just how popular it’s become! Please ladies, keep your socks hidden!



Harem Pants2. Harem Pants


Or should I say ‘MC Hammer’ pants? Unflattering is an understatement here. A baggy crotch area is not stylish, harem pants look like they have been both shrunk on the leg and stretched on the crotch, it was acceptable in the 80′s but I’m afraid this is one 80′s trend too far.



Ugg Boots3. Ugg Boots


Over-sized, salt stained, baggy and shapeless all come to mind… Ugg boots are really just a glorified slipper aren’t they? Sure they are comfy and granted they can look OK on certain people/outfits, but no matter what, when I look at these all I can think of is sloppy workmen and builders boots with a hefty price tag.



Leggings as Pants4. Leggings as Pants


Ahh, my personal favourite! Leggings as pants! Don’t get me wrong I love leggings, they are versatile, comfortable and fit perfectly. They look great with dresses and long over-sized tops… they do not look great as pants! Worn as pants, leggings look extremely tacky and cheap, not to mention your behind is on show to the whole world, not nice!



Bare Midriffs5. Bare Midriffs


If the 80′s look wasn’t bad enough, welcome to the 90′s. The midriff is something that will never look classy no matter how you wear it. Nobody want’s to see stomach on show when you’re out shopping, dining or even worse on public transport where you’re in danger of brushing up against somebody’s bare flesh (shudder).



And that’s my top five fashion disasters. I’m sure there will be many more to come too – as long as there is good fashion, there will always be unfortunate fashion. You have been warned!



  1. LoveSceneMag says:

    All 5 spot on!!! Sorry if that offends anyone. Each to their own, eh!