Fashion for Charity

Cina Ayle - Save the Children FundraiserThe Save The Children TV advert must be the most emotive charity advert ever.  It’s guaranteed to make you well up and whilst the other adverts such as the NSPCC’s are also upsetting, the Save The Children advert really tugs at the heart strings.  Why?  Simply put, because these kids’ lives are virtually over when they have only just begun.


The images of helpless mothers that sit there cradling their bundle of bitter-joy, watching their offspring dying needlessly when all they really need are the most basic human rights – water, food, basic medical care and education – are just so tormenting.  In stark contrast, we throw out food because we bought too much at the supermarket and some of it went dry or soft.  We have a national health service providing free care and then moan about the speed of the service when it is not even a matter of life or death.  We turn the tap on whenever we want and rehydrate ourselves at our own convenience.


There is no excuse for letting innocent fellow human beings perish without a thought and yet it happens daily all over the globe.  Interestingly, Muslims live by a rule of financially donating a set percentage of their wealth to charity each and every year. What a fantastic trait.  Imagine if every adult on the planet did that – there would be no need for official fundraising and no human would die of thirst, hunger or disease. Thankfully there are good souls that do or have donated a great deal to charity (Sandra Bullock, Michael Jackson, Andrew Carnegie) whilst some take the time and effort to raise money and help care for those less fortunate (Mother Teresa,  fundraisers).


Studio Valbonne, Soho, London

If you want to contribute to mankind and help Save the Children all the while enjoying a great night out then get along to the Fashion for Freedom fundraising event that’s taking place on Friday 22nd July, 2011.  This fashionable fundraiser will be held at the glamorous celebrity haunt Studio Valbonne in Soho, London.  The event will feature fashion shows from a spectrum of designers, live music, sweet treats, celebrity guests, belly dancers, an after party and much more.  Tickets are only £15.00.  For full details click on this link: