Fashion Pet Peeve #1

Geek-chic glassesMy number one fashion-peeve of the moment has got to be geek-chic glasses, worn by the kind of people who no doubt ripped me for wearing real glasses as an awkward, pre-pubescent child. How charmed I am that such folk are wearing five-quid fake specs that I have to pay an annual fortune NOT to wear. Years of gawky NHS-prescribed four-eyes will have anyone relishing expensive contact lenses and yet these fashion-forward dorks think they’re ‘prep’ enough to actually make glasses look cool. How nice for them to pick and choose when geek-chic is de rigeur whereas the rest of us who actually need the damn things, have to wear them regardless; forking out an obscene amount of money for the correct lenses with scratch-resistant, child-resilient, bomb repellent lens-technology. If only they also did moron-repellent prescriptions and we wouldn’t have to look at all these pretentious ‘trend-setters’ in stupidly large granddad specs.


What next? Are we all to grab a fake hearing aid from Primark and wear that as well? How about some fake stick-on braces? We could combine it with a cool headband and make it into a fetching head brace? It’s an insult to anyone who has ever had to wear real glasses and most annoyingly they’re completely useless. If that’s fashion these days, I might as well start taking an inhaler around with me. I don’t have asthma but hey, if the fashion-shoe fits?!


On the flip side, if this totally fickle fashion-trend results in a new wave of spec-wearing cool kids, who won’t be put down and ridiculed day-in, day-out for wearing thick-rimmed glasses with milk bottle lenses, then good for them! I fear, however, it will only result in a mini-wave of clueless popular kids assuming they’re still better than everyone else because they’re wearing Calvin Klein glasses; complete with no glass and a pointless CK emblem on the arm.


Enough, time for me to get off my soap-box.