Fashion Week is Nearly Here!

WintourIt’s September and for the fashion world that means a non-stop procession of catwalk shoes and designer presentations. From New York and Milan to London and Paris, Dolce and Dior to Gucci and Giorgio, it’s a world that many may aspire to but few devotees ever infiltrate. However…


Last season (it’s always S/S or A/W, remember), I was one of the fortunate few permitted beyond the gates of fashion heaven (aka Somerset House in London) to actually watch some of the shows. At Clements Ribeiro I was somehow in the second row (!) and then managed to get seats at both John Rocha and Todd Lynn. All very different shows with wildly varying looks in both the models and the clothes, but all fantastic ( and sadly after the waiting, over in what seemed like a moment). And seats? I’d have happily stood at the back, craning my neck, but being one of the privileged individuals with an actual place to perch I could definitely live with.


Playing spot the blogger was also fun. You couldn’t miss them: in the specially designated area with laptops and iPhones on charge, typing away furiously. Susie Bubble was among those I quite literally rubbed shoulders with, as were the fashion team at Easy Living and Jameela Jamil (when I learned to carefully walk behind all the camera flashes, not in front as one unfortunate fashion fan managed).


So what about this season? Sadly I won’t be trying to see Andre Leon Talley and Grace Coddington at NY Fashion Week, but if there’s even a slim chance I’ll be at London Fashion Week trying to spot the best of the trends for next season. Oh, and Ms Wintour if she’s there…


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