Fashion You Will Either Love Or Hate

If I said the words “Ugg boots” would you either look at me in disgust or show me your latest pair? I personally hate them but a lot of people love them. I can’t see why. When I look at them I just see an unflattering pair of slippers that make even the most well dressed person look like a slob! The thing I don’t get is people will pay a lot of money for them. When personally I don’t see any difference between the real Ugg Boots and the cheap ones. They both look cheap! But they’re so comfortable, you might say to defend them but so are ordinary flat shoes.

Novelty Christmas jumpers with reindeers on! Cute and christmassy? Or a festive crime to fashion? My mum has one and I’ve thought several times of cutting it up, or throwing it away! Just thinking of ways to dispose of it! I’d sigh in disbeleif that a woman once very fashionable was wearing a maroon jumper with reindeer’s on it. She thankfully doesn’t  wear it anymore. She was actually going to get rid of it but I’ve learned to love it. Without it, there wouldn’t be a number of jokes made about it and the jumper is pretty funny to look at!

Neon! The very word strikes fear into me! When I heard that it will be big next summer I just thought, why? Why must we have to be blinded by the OTT bright, luminous colours that you need sunglasses to look at? The way I see neon must be very different to the way a lot of other people see it. When it was in fashion last year, I saw quite a large number of people wearing it (not the most fashionable people I might add) but I’ve never seen anyone look amazing in it. Thats all I’m saying. Sorry ravers!

I personally love strange novelty T-shirts. I can’t see any faults in them. At all! I have a T-shirt in my wardobe that has 2 skeletons, one in a vail and one in a top hat, getting married. I love it to death! The reason I bought it was that it made me laugh. I’d never seen a T-shirt like that before. I know people that really don’t like it. They think it’s weird and strange. But why is that a bad thing? Normal can be boring. Strange things are cool!

Lindsay Connally – Dec 9th 2010