Favourite Fashion Fixations

Perfect black dressIt is a universal truth that all women own a certain wardrobe necessity that they either love so much that the thought of removing it from the hanger and sending it to a worthy cause charity shop makes them feel nauseous, or the idea that they must cope without it is like telling a piece of cake that it must forever be consumed without its icing; clearly a ridiculous notion.
For some this may just be a simple pair of jeans that are a perfect fit (a feat very difficult to come by, and if this is you please tell me where you made your purchase!) or a favourite top that goes with just about everything. It could be a power dress serving as an instant boost of confidence or even a belt that completes and compliments an outfit. No matter what, if we rack our brains or give our wardrobe a quick once over, I am almost certain that everyone will find at least one thing that they cannot bear to part with. A best friend of mine adores dresses and is irresistible to the power they emit from the mannequin clad window of a shop. Having always loved them, refusing to wear trousers as a child and claiming that “Princesses only wear dresses”, it is actually the worthy bra that is the essential item for this friend as she vows that her dresses would be nothing without high and pert breasts. The bra being vital for another friend also as it is a necessity for giving her outfits definition and shape.


For me, my staple wardrobe essential is a simple black pinafore dress that I bought five years ago whilst working in Australia. Since this time, the dress has been washed so many times that it is now more of a charcoal colour than its original jet black. The dress has served as beachwear, to be put on over a bikini and have its pockets filled with sand, grains of which are still deeply imbedded in the lining. It has been accessorised with countless waist belts and high heels to be my evening’s LBD and it is also the perfect day dress, teamed with a cotton vest and flip flops in summer and slung over leggings with a chunky knit cardigan on top in the winter.


Now, the zip of the dress has weakened, resulting in a few embarrassing back exposure moments, yet this will not lead to ditching. I rely on my dress to be that item in the wardrobe always ready when the five previous outfits have been discarded angrily on the bed, or when an impromptu night out leads to that “I haven’t got anything to wear!!” moment. It is a comfort to know that there is always one thing always on our side, ready and silently waiting to provide us with that loving confidence boost that sometimes we do just need. It is also a reassurance to have an item that will not let us down in the style stakes and will always be on trend without having to try hard or stand out. I love my black dress. My dress has not betrayed me and neither will I betray it.



  1. My favorite piece is a pair of Miss Selfridge jeans would you believe! They fit so so so so well, flattering around the bottom, the right length and no horrible gaping at the back. The other day the knee began to fray and Im now on the winding road to full blown rip. I don’t think Im going to be able to carry on with them when that happens and may just bury them and grieve. That one little tear has made me so miserable!

  2. Hannah Lee says:

    I feel your pain, a purchase as good as that must be let go gently. On a second note, I may just have to make a trip to Miss Selfridge…

  3. LoveScene Magazine says:

    This article really makes you smile because it is so true!!!! That one favourite piece! The item that goes with everything and is there when all else fails. Too true! Feeling compelled to find a potential like-for-like replacement for you now… or as close as we can get.