Finding The Perfect Winter Coat

We’re definitely into winter now so if you haven’t already got one you’ll be in need of that perfect winter coat. The best coats are warm, stylish and co-ordinate with everything else in your wardrobe. You might think it’s as simple as going into a shop seeing a pretty coat and buying it but there’s a lot more that should be considered.

A lot of it depends on what occupation you are in.  If you work in a posh office you’ll need something classic and sophisticated like a camel coat. Whereas if you are a student or you work outdoors, a parka would be more wearable.

You should also think about what you would wear it with. A long fur coat would look a lot better with a dress or a skirt with tights than a pair of jeans. Whereas shorter coats like parkas, pea coats and capes look good with jeans but can also be worn with dresses and skirts.

You might think you’ll have to sacrifice fashion for warmth but the warmest coats can also be the most stylish.  Just look at f faux fur coats, they’re the warmest coats there is but they also look stylish and beautiful. Jackets and gilets may be in fashion but they’re not very practical when it’s this cold! So i would save them for around February and March when it’s still cold but not freezing.

Don’t think you have to spend a fortune to buy a perfect coat. The high street offers some great ones. Topshop sell the best capes, H&M have amazing parkas and Oasis have a wide range of shearling coats. If you can afford to shop designer, then the best places are Chanel, DKNY and Lanvin. Also check out vintage shops for vintage faux fur.

Lindsay Connally – Dec 1st 2010