Flannels at Manchester Fashion Week 2012? Naturally.

Flannels Manchester Fashion Week 2012Flannels have created a very unique and a very natural looking range of clothing for this season, giving us high fashion and demonstrating to us just how easily it could be achieved.


Having been witness at an extremely packed-out venue for the highly anticipated Flannels fashion show during Manchester Fashion Week, I think that most people can agree that they were not disappointed!


This is never more evident than in their unique ranges of menswear that they have showcased for this season. Surprisingly, I noticed that Flannels have created almost a military feel in one or two of their stocked pieces and many are in organic earthy colours.


Khaki and camouflage shorts featured quite highly in the show as well as on-trend military boots and cream military jacket, shaking up a smart, clean-cut look with something more rustic and laid back. I was left to wonder if this was a promise of things to come over the next few weeks.


Men’s work wear was also a massive hit. I saw that some really nice cuts and tailoring had gone into creating some classic yet contemporary suits with really clean lines which were paired with crisp, pastel coloured shirts ideal for the summer months ahead.  Much of Flannels’ weekend/casual menswear is also very on-trend, with key pieces such as their jeans and lightweight coats and jackets.


During the show, it came to my attention that a certain Man City defender was in attendance sitting just across from me, so afterwards I made it my business to get a fashionable young man’s take on the show.


Reece Wabara, 20, graciously agreed to speak to myself and ourselves here at LoveScene about Flannels’ range of menswear and the highly popular Flannels show at Manchester Fashion Week.


He said, “I came here today with friends and I thought that Flannels was a good show. There were a lot of different types of clothes and I liked some of the casual stuff.” I asked what Reece thought of some of the wartime revival looks and he put it way cooler than I did, so I will follow his lead. “Yeah, I liked the camo, it’s brave.”


Reece himself had gone for a casual look and was dressed in a fun T-shirt and jeans. What a lovely young man!


In the stunning range of new clothing for women, you are in for a real treat this season. Satins are uncompromisingly beautiful, barely there, and fabrics are long, elegant and flowing or leather. The cuts of dresses are consistently long and flowing in high fashion, romantic styles in pastel and organic, earthy colours.


A particular favourite for me was a Navy Mix Long Rosine Dress from Temperley London with a bold floral print. There was also a really pretty, pastel pink maxi that I thought was incredibly elegant.


In other news, there was also a green leather pencil skirt worth keeping an eye out for in the shops and a really pretty and feminine shift dress that I thought was funky and reminiscent of the early 60’s.


So there you have it. I hope that you have very much enjoyed reading my take on some of these trends to look out for, as I certainly enjoyed attending Manchester Fashion Week 2012. Over and out.


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Images courtesy of Liz Hewitt / LoveScene Magazine