Front Row Bloggers

Bryan Boy - fashion bloggerSo, Fashion Week is over in London for another season and what have we learned? That some trends will continue while others are merely a one season wonder, and that there will be photos of numerous stylists/writers/fashionistas who the outside world look at as strange and confused. However, the fashion lovers among us fall over ourselves to praise these individuals and wish that we could pull off their personal sense of style without looking like we fell in the dressing up box.


Bloggers like Bip Ling, Susie Bubble, Tavi, Bryan Boy and Facehunter are now not only writing about the trends: they’re setting them as well. It’s not just about sitting front row alongside (or sometimes in front of) the fashion editors themselves. It was Bryan Boy that Marc Jacobs designed and named a bag for, while Tavi (aka the Style Rookie) has become known for dressing in a somewhat older style. ‘Granny chic’ as it is sometimes referred to has now been seen on celebrities including Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung and former model Laura Bailey.


Tavi Gevinson - fashion bloggerNow that several of the shows at London Fashion week being available for live stream (i.e. we can watch as they take place) an event which has previously been the exclusive territory of the editors and style gurus has now become accessible to a wider range of fashion lovers and fans. With the bloggers and online fashion writers now sitting front row with their laptops, styles which used to only be seen months later and carefully selected by the style and editorial teams can be seen moments after they are sent down the catwalk.


Maybe one good thing to come out of the rise of bloggers and online writers is that there is more encouragement for individuality in fashion. It’s no longer just about being on trend and following what the designers present this season but expressing your personal style and individual taste through fashion. When it’s these style mavericks who are starting new trends, and becoming muses for designers and stores, the way they encourage a focus on your own expression and taste is right on trend.


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