Fur Fabulous

Fur is everywhere.  So much so that nearly everything has a fur version.  Fur mittens, fur slippers, fur dresses, and fur jackets, to name a few.  Whilst stood in H&M trying to complete a birthday gift for my teen niece I smiled as I watched two giggling Chinese girls posing with fur gloves and fur hats for photos being snapped on their digital camera.  Were they tourists?  Who knows?  They did, however, raise my curiosity.  Were they ridiculing fashion accessories inspired by the likes of Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection or were they so in love with the glamour of it that they simply had to take snaps (on the camera they kept on their person like a pack of chewing gum or lipsal?)

Real fur, whilst extremely contentious and quite rightly so, used to be the ultimate fashion statement.  One of status.  A way to demonstrate ones wealth and socio-economic class.  So when the fur becomes faux fur and the result is an easily flammable, synthetic £15/£20/£30 hat made to look like those worn in the past by aristocracy, does it really justify the smug, arrogant strut along the high street?  Bottom line, if you are going to buy some faux fur, be sure to buy some good quality items, and look demure, not down your nose.

Here are a few of our favourite fur accessories from the high street…

Barts Deluxe Winter Faux Fur Headband – £15.00Asos.

Brown Fur Muff Hand Warmer – £18.00, Miss Selfridge.

Enigma Faux Fur Toe Post Slippers – £12.00 – Topshop.

Faux Fur Tail Trapper Hat – £16.99 – River Island.