It’s hard enough in summer…but in winter, an unbearable torment for most of us out there. Finding a great fake tan at this time of year that a. suits your tired, pale skin, b. suits your (probably red) party dress c. doesn’t emphasis your dry skin and d. one that you can be bothered to apply when its FREEZING - is officially winter’s biggest challenge.  So, I have found you three fake tans that should solve those winter fake tan worries.  


Famous Dave – Gradual 10 The first thing that really struck me about Famous Dave is the amazing packaging.  Too many fake tans (Fake Bake for example) have really cheap and tacky labeling that I imagine the likes of Katie Price et al badly applying. Famous Dave’s packaging is really current, really cool and I something I would be drawn to immediately. The thing I hate most about fake tan is the smell and I was pleasantly surprised. According to the Famous Dave website, for a deeper tan it’s always best to build it up over a couple of days – but as I only wanted to a little bit of colour to my pale winter skin, I applied once. And then showered. And I think, by not leaving the tan on overnight and then re-applying, the colour didn’t fully absorb, giving me an amazing, really natural result – without the dreaded streaks! Available in Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams for £17.99, I really recommend for a natural, healthy glow. 


Rimmel Sun Shimmer Waterproof Instant Tan If you want to feel in control when applying a fake tan, Rimmel Sun Shimmer is the perfect tan for you. Already a fan of ‘wash-off’ tans (I am a control freak), I was looking forward to sampling Sun Shimmer. The smell could have been better but this tan was honestly amazing for quick and even application – AND I felt as though I could add extra bits in places that would naturally tan more in the summer (for example, the end of my nose and the backs on my hands). The tan came in the form of unsticky gel was easy to rub in. The tan lasted 24 hours as promised and never streaked. And all for the bargin price of £6.99. Available in most health stores and chemists.


Melvita Pro Sun This tan really is a fool-proof tan – perfect for those uncomfortable with moose and sprays. Made out of natural food supplements  the gel, when applied, results in a silky light layer of natural colour.  I really liked that I could see where this tan went – as with the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Waterproof tan – and I look forward to seeing improvements to my body (After extensive botanical research it was found this tan helps to improve the apperance of cellulite and helps firms problem areas of the stomach, hips and thighs.  Available for £20, this tan is a little pricy but really worthwhile.  The only downside is that the colour was a little dark (this may have just been for me).  Perfect for summer, but I would probably give it a miss in the winter. 


1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! You need to prepare the skin for an application of tan to avoid streaks

2. Moisturise. Tan sicks to open pours and dry skin.  Make sure your skin is soft and flake free.

3. If you have a favourite tan but it’s a little thick, thin it down with your favourite body moisturiser.  It will also make your tan smell nicer!

4. Do not apply to much! A little goes a long way!

5. Always use a mitt! Available from most health shops such as Superdrug or Boots for under £5, the mitt will protect you from the dreaded brown palms!