GHD – Have a Good Hair Day Every Day

Like most owners, I could not live without my GHD stylers.  When they were first introduced to the market place one of my best friends, Mel, introduced my hair to this fabulous new technology.

One fine summer’s day, immediately after a girly session in which Mel demonstrated their power, we headed outside to enjoy the weather.  A few moments later a friend of hers, who I had never met before, pulled up in a car in front of her house.  The moment Mel introduced us the young girl sweetly greeted me with “Wow, you look like a model”.  Mel turned to me with raised eyebrows and a grin followed by “It’s the straighteners.”

“I know!” I replied.  She was dead on.  Well that was another pair of GHDs sold!

From that moment on, I’ve had very little to panic about when it comes to styling my hair for a special occasion.  As long as you abide a few simple rules, your hair will always look salon perfect.  Rules like…

  • Make sure your hair is not wet when using the styler
  • Pull the section of hair you are styling upwards for full bodied hair
  • Pull the section of hair you are styling downwards for a flatter, sleeker look
  • Use one of the three GHD Thermal Protector’s pre-styling to protect your hair against heat damage if you find the irons dry your hair out (I don’t so it just depends on whether your hair needs it)
  • Use the correct styler for straightening the length of your hair; GHD IV mini styler for very short hair, GHD IV styler for shoulder length to medium/long hair, and the GHD IV salon styler for long hair
  • Use the correct styler for the different types of curls and waves you’re trying to achieve; for tight curls use the GHD IV mini styler, for bigger curls the GHD IV salon styler is perfect, for curls, flicks, waves, and straight hair and for hairstyles that come with a fringe and/or layers – the GHD IV styler is best as it is the most versatile of all
  • If styling late at night let your hair set for an hour before going to bed in order to awake in the morning with hair that is ready to go!

Whilst there are many ceramic stylers in the market, I can honestly say that whenever I’ve tried a friend or family member’s none GHD ceramic styling irons, none have compared with the quality of the GHD ones, not even the expensive rivals.