Glasses: the Converse Collection

Converse glasses

Glasses: the Converse Collection

Best known as one of the best-selling footwear brands of our generation, the Converse empire has extended to clothing, accessories and, now also glasses.  We take a look at the iconic brand and their transformation into the eyewear market. 

History of Converse

Converse has been around for a long time; more than 100 years in fact, having been founded in 1908. They started off with basketball boots: which has influenced the style that we recognise and love today.

They started branching out from footwear as early as World War Two, where as well as providing shoes and boots for members of the armed services. They also provided outerwear like parkas, ponchos and protective rubber suits; but of course glasses are a much more recent addition to the range.

About Converse Glasses

The range of Converse glasses have the same young, sporty look as their trainers and boots, characterised by sharp design, crisp styling and interesting use of colour. The design is subtle, but speaks of good quality and attention to detail.

The genius of the Converse brand is to be fun without being wacky; to stand out in the right way! Although the brand is often seen as being primarily for young people, the subtlety of the design means that it is by no means limited to any particular age group.

Current Models

With the exception of the bold plastic ‘Blaze’ model, all of the current designs have metal frames. The two-tone ‘Minx’ model is perhaps the most striking, with almost art deco styling where the arms meet the frame.

‘Fierce’ is available in black or brown, and is again very subtle, though brightened by a splash of colour on the inside of the arms.

‘Kill Switch’ is marketed for men, though it could work for some women too. The rectangular frames have an assertive, angular look to them that comes over as very direct and business-like.

The bottom line?

Converse is often spoken of as being for people who like to see things in a different light. With their range of glasses, this can become literally true! Sporty, laidback, casual: if this is your style, you can’t do much better than Converse.