Many moons ago, when I first began filling those fleeting moments of spare time with the inspiring and delightful act of trawling through page after page of hip ‘n’ trendy fashion blogs, I discovered a blog called ‘Christeric’ and the blogger behind it – Christine. When I first unearthed this visual sartorial treat, I was unaware of Christine’s position in the alternative fashion elite. To me she was merely a tiny beautiful creature, laden with the most devastatingly attractive grunge garments I had ever seen. Never before had I witnessed such well-constructed grunge attire, perfectly ripped fabrics in the most charming colour palettes accompanied by the most well-structured layering and accessories this genre had ever seen. I cannot remember the moment when I first made the connection between Christine and UNIF, but I am quite certain it was around the same time she posted about such ventures on her blog.

When I had firmly established this connection and successfully ascertained in my own mind that Christine was indeed the designer of the UNIF brand along with her man pal Eric, I congratulated her out loud to myself and immediately began indulging in a UNIF binge.

From the DIY Dungeon Boots to the production of the notorious and exquisitely fetching Hellbound Platform Boots I have followed UNIF’s journey with fascination, awe and admiration. The brand offers something which many other designers avoid such as garish prints, sickly colours and questionably-placed rips but if these sickly colours are adorning two rearing Unicorns upon the reverse of a ‘Hardcore Bomber Jacket’ or colouring wormy threads on a ‘Furby Sweater’ then sickly turns swiftly into highly appropriate acid 90’s grunge.

If anyone has worked out the exact mathematical proportions of creating grunge clothing, it is undoubtedly UNIF. Who else could create the ‘Axl Pants’ with their flawless zip detailing and impeccable tightness to the leg? Similarly, who else could know the correct formations and grid patterns for burning cig holes in battered t-shirts and pulling rips and shreds in cable knit jumpers?

Clearly, UNIF has found out where the grunge tree grows and is nabbing that fruit quick time.

Even owning just one item from the UNIF collection would enable the wearer to create the ideal foundations for a grunge/punk inspired outfit…like Vivienne Westwood punk at high school in the 90’s.


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