Hair & Make-Up Artist Creates Catwalk Worthy Looks

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A girl’s wedding day is definitely one of the most exciting days she will ever experience.  It is all about her – and her beau – but it is especially her moment.  It’s the moment she becomes a woman.  It’s the moment she takes on a new persona, that of a Mrs Somebody.  No longer Miss Single, she wants to let the world know, this is my day, and I want to scream it from the rooftops.  Scream she may not for fear of horrifying the parents about to send her off to her new life, but dazzle she certainly must.


The slow paced walk as the wedding guests look on in amazement and gasp, “Doesn’t she look beautiful?”  The glint in her friends’ eyes as they tell her she looks gorgeous.  The groom’s whisper in her ear, “You look amazing.”  It is for this very reason that the bride will opt to be fully pampered and professionally styled by someone who understands just how important this one occasion is.


It’s always exciting to be a part of this experience, especially for the dream-makers that make these desires a reality.  Being a hair and make-up artist in charge of delivering such dreams is an exciting aspect of Rabia Malik’s life.  She travels the length and breadth of the country to make someone’s special day everything they dreamed of, but it’s not just the brides and their families that get the VIP treatment.  Fashion designers, models and photographers equally seek out Malik’s expertise and skills for their all important events, fashion shows and TV productions.


Malik portfolioWhat her clients say about her…


“Incredibly personable and sweet.”


“Rabia really went that extra mile for us and was very flexible in her approach.”


“She is always upbeat and full of smiles.”


For further information simply contact Rabia Malik on 07748 113 047.


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  1. LashesX says:

    Rabia is at the top end of her field. Amazingly professional & creative.
    She’s superb backstage on fashion shows!
    Brides & their families have relaxed & I know she always makes me look good. The best freelance hairdresser & make up artist. Rabia has the personality to match her talents!!! X