Halloween meets fashion

sexy halloween cat costumeI’ve always loved dressing up and Halloween is another excuse to, so why not? There are plenty of events to go to and you can have fun with your costume! Fabrics such as lace and velvet are easy to get hold of on the high street right now since the gothic look is quite on trend at the moment so you could easily pick up a few items to get a Halloween look.


Or how about getting creative? Your costume would be unique and it’s also fun to create something! If your on a budget you can adapt clothes/accessories that you already have and add a few extras for a small cost! Poundland have a few bits such as table cloths and scarves. These are easy to cut and add to clothing. Makeup is an alternative, you can create some scary looks and wear something dark. Here’s a few of my Halloween ideas;


Witches dress


You will need: black dress, table cloths, needle & thread, scissors


Firstly, cut up table cloth into strips (they don’t need to be even) then place randomly on the dress and sew on. Take another table cloth and attach for sleeves.


Blood tipped nails


You will need: clear nail varnish & red nail varnish


This is so simple and effective, paint your nails with the clear nail varnish then once dry use the red to create a dripping blood effect.


Make uneven lines on the tips then once dry use the clear again for a topcoat.


Cat makeup


You will need: black makeup


Creating a ‘cat look’ is quite a popular choice for Halloween and here’s how to. Apply your normal base (primer, foundation, powder) then use a black eyeshadow for the lids and then use eyeliner to line the eyes and wing out in the corners then apply mascara or false lashes if you wish. Taking your eyeliner create a triangle on your nose to represent the cat nose. Draw a line from your nose to the top of your lip you can line the tips with the eyeliner and use as lipstick if you don’t have a black lipstick! Lastly using the eyeliner create some whiskers on your cheeks. Meow!


There are so many things you could do this Halloween so just have some scary fun!


By Emma Marie