Happy Halloween

A Clockwork OrangeThis article may be a little premature but you will thank me when you’re not panicking on the 31st  looking for a last minute costume and ending up chucking on a load of fake tan and going out as an Oompa-Loompa.


There is the Halloween outfit debate between a costume which pulls out all the stops with special effects make up or the bare-minimum amount of clothing topped off with a witches hat. The best Halloween outfits make an attempt at the actually scary, yet none of us want to spend that much on a costume they’re only going to wear once. So I’ve come up with some fairly scary costume ideas including items you may already own, or some with items you can purchase to wear all year after Halloween.


Uniqlo bowler hatWhy not try dressing up as a Droog from A Clockwork Orange? Simply wear some white skinny jeans or white tights, a white shirt and dungarees. Stick some false lashes to one of your eyes and don on some Doc Martens or any bulky winter boots. Of course, not forgetting the all important bowler hat. Why not use this as an excuse the purchase this cute black bowler from Uniqlo to place on your gulliver. Be sure to learn the Droog lingo the complete your costume and impress any Clockwork Orange fans you may encounter.


Wednesday Addams

If you really want to scare then a freaky and original costume idea is Chuckie. Perfect if you have leftover summer dungarees. Add a stripy primary coloured tee, converse trainers and big doll-like eye make-up. Get yourself a plastic weapon and a little fake blood and you’re ready to freak the hell out of people.


A good look for a lazy and last minute Halloween get together is Wednesday Addams. This is especially good if you’ve had a long day and simply don’t have the energy because a pale face and dark eyes match perfectly with this look. Simply chuck on a black pinafore, black dolly shoes, stripy tights and plaited bunches and you’re good to go. Villainous attitude optional.


If you’re looking to impress on Halloween (and having a skinny day) then a Catwoman costume is both sexy and I would argue that the comic-book Catwoman is still pretty tough and scary. Simply wear a black vest top, black court shoes and if you get hold of some wet-look leggings like these from Very they will remain a great winter investment. Not forgetting some cat ears. Obviously.

Wet look leggings -

Cat ears headband - Topshop




Dalmation Coat - TopshopAnother more glamorous costume idea is Cruella Deville. There is plenty of dalmation print and fur around and this is another great excuse to buy some. Check out these gorgeous Cruella-esque coats from Topshop and ASOS respectively.


A Cruella costume is a great excuse to purchase either of these beautiful faux-fur coats. If you’re looking for the post-getting-her-hands-on-the-puppies coat then the Topshop dalmation number is probably the scariest! Wear your coat with red heels, a fitted black dress and sheer black tights. Also it’s very likely you will need to buy a Fur Coat - ASOSwig for this one.


There you have it, good solid Halloween costumes, not too tarty, not too ridiculous. Though I can’t protect you from the inevitability of getting lost from your other dressed up mates and purchasing a kebab in full fancy dress attire whilst wondering why everyone is looking at you. Happy Halloween!


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