Holiday Hair, Hats and Accessories

Holidays can be the best of times but out of control, unmanageable hair can hinder all attempts at channelling your inner goddess.


You’ve got your golden tan building up day by day, a fresh outfit each day and each night, and then… there’s that crazy hair.  Remember that episode of Friends where Monica’s hair is so frizzy that it even bothers Chandler?  Hilarious but so true for some.  Hair really can be that frizzy in the humidity on your summer holidays.  Sometimes it’s not the frizz so much as the dryness.  Sometimes it’s the fact that no matter which way you want to shape your hair it seems to bend in the opposite direction with a mind of its own.


We know, some of you are sat reading this with your internal dialogue saying, “Actually, my hair is just fine on holidays.”  If you are such a lucky lady then maybe you just want easy holiday hairstyles so you can spend less time in the mirror and more time enjoying your holiday… and looking like you just walked off a catwalk.


Prevention is the best cure so looking after your hair before and during your holiday will certainly help.


A few weeks before you jet off on holiday you should nourish your hair with some frequent deep conditioning treatments.  Be sure to use a good conditioner on holiday too as all the drying sun rays and the chlorine in the swimming pools will be drying your hair quite extensively.  When you return home use your deep conditioning treatments for a few weeks again before returning to your normal regime.


If you can wear a hat or scarf whilst in the sun this will also help by blocking the drying UV rays.  This is especially important for those with coloured or naturally dry hair.


There are also products on the market that, like sun tan lotion, will protect your hair in the sun due to their SPF or special UV filters content.  Products like Kerastase Brume Nuit Apres Soleil, for example.  Simply find one to suit your hair type.


As for the out of control element, try to work with your hair rather than against it.  Accept the fact that the humidity may result in hair that is way too difficult to tame and find a way to make it stylish.


Curls and waves create a very summery look.  Rather than trying to straighten your hair try a curl enhancing product such as a curl cream.


On the other hand, sleeking your hair back with a tight pony tail or plaits, and a spot of wax too if required, will help create that chic look and in very little time.  For more ideas on summer hair check out our previous article


For those who want to protect their hair and/or create a more glamorous holiday look here are a few options for your fabulousness…


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Silk Snake Headscarf – £12.00, Dorothy Perkins; Hairband – £3.99, H&M; Catarzi Stripe Wide Brim Straw Hat – £65.00, ASOS

Butterfly Silk Headscarf – £10.00, Miss Selfridge; Green Straw Trilby Hat – £16.99, River Island; Polka Dot Scarf – £15.99, Zara