House of Herlihy at Manchester Fashion Week 2012

House of Herlihy Manchester Fashion Week 2012


If a shift dress is your must-have item, then House of Herlihy is the place you’ll find it. Bold striking colours and photographic prints completed the House of Herlihy collection, along with jewel inspired images and floor length chiffon gowns.


With work inspired by an Indian French fusion, it is hard to believe Sinead O’Herlihy is still a progressing fashion student and her unique standard of work has not been established for years.


Kaleidoscopic patterns highlighted the texture of the silk cut shift design, contrasting against bold and bright shades teamed with carefully chosen photos of famous buildings such as the Taj Mahal. The designer herself has made her inspiration of culture clear within her work, as each dress seems to give you the mental stimulation of an Indian style summer.  Colours such as orange and purple, blue and soft white and purple and green showcase this vibe and it is without a doubt, we may all be tempted to dream of one of these dresses for the holiday season.


Crossing class with chic and creating a mermaid type vision, House of Herlihy displayed floor length chiffon combined with a figure hugging bodice, high, low and halter attachments. Leg cut-out’s amongst the dresses still remained classy, which is more than we can say for Angelina Jolie’s leg slip up on the red carpet.


Orange, yellow, lilac and green all made an appearance amongst the outfits and this catwalk show appeared more captivating, as it kept in theme with the fantasy inspired collections designers seem to be going crazy for this season.


Ending the show was the dress we were all waiting for. A striking orange bodice with a chiffon floor length tail, halter tie and extreme crafted pattern sequin detail graced along the catwalk, leaving everyone intrigued as to what this ever progressing designer is going to bring us next.


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Images courtesy of: House of Herlihy


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