Illuminati Jeans at Liverpool Fashion Week 2012

Illuminati Jeans Liverpool Fashion Week 2012

50 Shades of Denim


What is it about a glorious looking man wearing nothing but denim that seems to call to even the most buttoned-up of women on some primal level?


I knew that attending Liverpool Fashion Week 2012 –glittering venue, aerial acrobatics and showgirls on stilts aside – had been worth my while, when a smouldering young man, stripped to the waist wearing only Illuminati Jeans and a Boa Constrictor stepped out onto the runway.


From that moment on – to adopt a pretty vulgar choice of colloquialism here – I was all over that show like a, “tramp on chips”.


No, really.


Illuminati Jeans proved to be a true feast for the eyes when the London based brand dazzled onlookers with an exclusive peek at their Spring/Summer 2013 Midseason range.


And take it from me; you’re in for a treat.


The closing night of Liverpool’s much-applauded Fashion Week took place at The Hilton that spectacularly overlooks the Albert Dock and encapsulates everything I love about Liverpool.


The recently launched brand showcased their cutting-edge but classic, predominantly slim fit jeans in a rainbow of pastel colours, on-trend reds and cobalt blues, not forgetting of course that white cotton is back for 2013.


After the show, I grabbed a minute with Illuminati Jeans Company Director, Gareth Paul, to get his take on his spring/ summer 2013 midseason collection.


Speaking to Lovescene Magazine, Gareth described his product as: “Unquestionably top quality with high end [designs] costing around £60-£120,” so the good news is that this fantastic range is still very affordable.


In addition, I learned that Illuminati Jeans openly supports diversity, something that Gareth Paul told me he feels very strongly about.


He added: “Our logo with the crossed keys is symbolic of enlightening denim and like our name would suggest, has almost a semi-gothic feel to it.”


So there you have it, if this mysterious, fearless and frankly breath-taking display on Saturday night was anything to go by, roll on March 2013!


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